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Track and report your 43

The Blessing Registry is the official record of your Tribe Couples who have completed the 43-day Blessing condition as guided by True Mother. It is also a tool for tracking your spiritual children and Blessing candidates as they receive education to prepare for the Blessing (singles and married couples).

Available FREE to all members, but you must apply and be approved.

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Cheon Il Guk Registration Blessing



Cheon Bo Won Induction

Let's Build Happy Healthy Tribes

TribeNet is a community of Blessed Families around the country who are dedicated to Tribal Messiahship in their local areas. Coming together creates an atmosphere of inspiration through listening to each other’s experiences and supporting one another.

Find everything you need to achieve victory for your tribe

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Professional Tools For Your Mission

Imagine if you could have all the same marketing technology used for Fortune 500 companies,

BUT…applied to your Tribal Messiahship.

TribeNet Premium gives you access to the tools you need to accomplish your Heavenly Tribal Messiahship mission without the frustration of having to figure it out yourself. Training videos, personal guidance, personal CRM database (developing) and more.

Exclusive Access to TribeCall Replays

Easily access useful training and inspirational talks all in one place. Webinar recordings are a treasure trove of methods from successful Tribal Messiahs in the field (with searchable notes!)

Special Discount on the Blessing Kit

Immediately pay back your investment with TribeNet Premium savings. Save up to 25% on mission critical items you are already buying such as Holy Wine, Blessing Scarves, and much more.

Read Moving Stories and Share Your Own

Tribe testimonies remind you of the life changing power of True Parents and the Blessing. On our limited time on earth, what will be your story?

Educate and Follow-Up with Your Guests Using Tribe Funnels

Ever wonder what to do next with your new tribe member?

Now, with a few clicks, you can provide education content to guide your guest to understand Divine Principle and the Blessing.

No matter how prepared a guest is, you can provide personalized follow-up to engage them until they are ready to go to the next stage of spiritual growth.

Tribe Trainings Gives You All The Know-How to Breakthrough

From internal to external, technology training to methodology training, Tribal Messiahs can get all that they need to succeed in the field. Let the best tools, witnessing techniques, lecturing on the go methods with the many courses available.

Tribe Support is Here to Help

Because blessing your tribe is such an important process, you may have questions. You don’t have to guess if you are doing it right or not. Whether it’s to report, or to clear up confusion, or need someone to talk to, you’ll have direct phone access reach our helpful team.